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How to complete any Employment Separation Certificate online:

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Instructions and Help about How do i get an employment separation certificate

On today's episode of HR over coffee we're talking about post-termination employer issues and responsibilities the discharge of an employee does not necessarily end the employers relationship with or obligations to the employee benefits provided by the employer as well as benefits mandated by law may in fact cause that relationship to continue areas in which the former employee may have an ongoing connection to the employer include federally mandated Cobra or state continuation of health care coverage providing a HIPAA certificate of creditable coverage through an employer sponsored group health plan severance pay if paid over a period of time and not as a single lump sum benefits to be paid through a qualified retirement plan federally mandated cobra continuation of coverage is a key area that may extend the employers obligation the federal Cobra statute requires employers with 20 or more employees who prgroup health coverage to offer employees continued health coverage following termination and loss of coverage smaller employers may also have continuation coverage responsibilities under their state laws it's important to learn which Cobra or state continuation of coverage laws apply to your company additionally federal HIPAA statutes say that group health plans are required to issue a certificate of creditable coverage verifying an insurance period of coverage this may allow that individual to obtain new group coverage without having coverage for pre-existing conditions excluded another key area is severance or cash payment given by employers to employees who have been discharged sometimes severance is given in consideration for a release of claims by the employee severance is also often given to employees in conjunction with a reduction in force there is no federal law mandating severance pay but employers should consult employment counsel to be certain they don't have other legal obligations to pay severance employers should note that some severance plans may be considered welfare benefit plans and therefore subject to ERISA retirement plans also come into play when an employee is terminated the most common of these are defined contribution programs such as 401 k plans when an employee leaves an employer he or she may wish to roll over the qualified plan funds to another qualified plane with a new employer or possibly to a self-directed IRA to make sure your business is complying with all federal and state laws regarding employee discipline and termination check out HR 360 s discipline and termination kit at HR 360.com and click on the products hmm.

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