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Employment certificate Form: What You Should Know

In mines 12ArizonaNot issuedArkansasUnder 16 (M)XX. 14 in mines 14New Expounder 18 (M); 18 to 64 (M)XCaliforniaUnder 18 (M); 18 in mines 18ColoradoUnder 16 (M); 16 to 23; (M)XX. Not on the Statewide List (17 or older)ConnecticutUnder 17 (M); 17 in mines 17DelawareUnder 18 (M); 6 to 21; (M)XX. Not on the Statewide List (17 or older)District of ColumbiaUnder 17 (M)XX. Not on the Statewide List (17 or older)FloridaUnder 16 (M)XX. Not on the Statewide List (17 or older)GeorgiaUnder 16 (M); 16 to 24; (M)XX. Under 16 (15 or older in mining) HawaiiUnder 16 (M); 16 to 40; (M)X IdahoUnder 16 (M); 16 to 40; (M)X IllinoisUnder 16 (M)XX. Not on the Statewide List (17 or older)IndianaUnder 16 (M); 16 to 60; (M) XX NevadaUnder 16 (M; 16 to 24; (M)XX. Not on the Statewide List (17 or older)New Hereunder 16 (M); 16 to 60; (M)XX. Not on the Statewide List (17 or older)New Founder 16 (M); 16 to 60; (M)XX. Not on the Statewide List (17 or older)Rebounder 16 (M); 16 to 30 (M); 16 to 24 (M); 16 to 60 (M)XPennsylvaniaUnder 17 (M); 13 to 40; (M)XX. Not on the Statewide List Rhode Islander 16 (M); 16 to 30; (M)XX. Not on the Statewide List South CarolinaUnder 17 (M); 16 to 50; (M)XX. Not on the Statewide List TennesseeUnder 16 (M); 16 to 30 (M)XX. Not on the Statewide List Asunder 17 (M); 16 to 39; (M)XX. Not on the Statewide List Thunder 16 (M); 16 to 50; (M)XX. Not on the Statewide List VirginiaUnder 16 (M); 16 to 54; (M)XX.

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FAQ - Employment certificate

Police and Law Enforcement: How should I fill out my Certificate of Employment so I can drive home from work?
I would use the earliest hour you will be going to work and the latest hour you will driving home for work on each day. If for instance you may work 9 a.m. to noon on one Saturday and 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on another, use 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. If on Tuesdays you may work from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. on one and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on another, put down 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Are employers impressed if you have six sigma training on your resume?
Six sigma is a domain and industry independentu00a0 methodology so it can be applied anywhere. Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. although it can add an extra points to your CV , but it is also depends upon the requirement of the employer as what its main focus for the recruitment.if you want to go for Six sigma certification and also from a recognise institutes, so I wouldu00a0 suggest go for KPMG lean Six Sigma Programs.There are many institutions available in market those are providing different types of belts like yellow, green, black, etc.The KPMG Six Sigma programs which is an International offering from only BIG 4 Consulting firm recognized across 147 countries across the globe.Training conducted by distinguished KPMG consultants.You can opt for green belt from there , for more details please follow the link:http://www.henryharvin.com/kpmg-...
Is it legal to have an unregistered off-the-grid (no birth certificate) baby in the USA?
I was actually roommates with someone in College whose parents decided to have him u201coff-gridu201d. Let me just say this: Stop even entertaining the idea of having a baby off-grid. It really makes your childu2019s life unnecessarily hard and your kid will forever resent you for putting that pain on them.Iu2019ll get into the details in a moment, but first let me address the question proposed above. Yes, technically speaking it is not a crime to have your baby off-the-grid in the U.S.A. However, a lot of details surrounding the event would be illegal. First of all, any licensed midwife or doctor is required by law to file a birth certificate or they actually risk losing their license and getting a misdemeanor. If you forced them or threatened them to not file the birth certificate that would make you a likely accomplice and would not go over well with the authorities.But letu2019s ignore that for a moment and just assume you know how to birth a child on your own and can do it in your basement without any professional medical physician there to oversee you (which would be the only way you could pull this off). In this case you wouldnu2019t get thrown in jail for failing to get a birth certificate and no crime would have been committed. However you just set up a very difficult life for your child.These are some of the things I was told from by my roommate who didnu2019t have a social security number until he was 20 years old.No, he could not get a (legal) jobQuite literally he didnu2019t qualify to get even a job at McDonalds. If you remember the last job you got no matter how prestigious or demeaning it was, you had to fill out a bunch of paperwork. Most of these forms require you to have a SSN (social security number) to properly fill them out. However the important one is the form labeled I-9. This form is required to be submitted by every employer after hiring a new employee. This form serves only one purpose, to determine that you are eligible to work in the United States. Your child (and my roommate) would not be able to complete this form which every employer must get filled out before starting employment with a new employee. Your child will not be able to get a job because of this.Yes, he can evade paying taxes.Okay, so this sounds like a perk I guess. But my roommate did not have to pay taxes. The government basically didnu2019t know he existed, so they never knew he was not paying. But then again he didnu2019t have a job. So would you rather have a job and pay some taxes or not ever be able to work except under the table for below minimum wage? Given that choice, taxes sound pretty awesome! Keep in mind that this also means your child is not eligible for any tax benefits or credits such as those that students get while going to college.No, You as the parent can not claim him as a dependent on your taxesYouu2019re already dealing with a child, wouldnu2019t it be great to get that child tax credit? Every year you'll basically be paying out of pocket for deciding not to get them a SSN.Yes, he can attend public school through 12th gradeHe would be able to attend school through high school without a social security number.No, he can not attend collegeWhile high school and lower education is okay, your child will never be able to attend collegeYes, he can go to the doctorThe doctor will still see your child and prhim his shots. Howeveru2026No, he will not be covered under your family insurance (or qualify for Medicare/Medicaid)So youu2019ll need to plan on paying for all doctor appointments out of pocket.No, he can not travel abroad (even to Canada)Youu2019d best hope none of your childu2019s friends decide to go to Cancun for spring break. Your child will not be eligible to leave the country or return to the US if he manages to leave (unless he plans to climb Trumpu2019s wall)No, he will not be able to drive a carOkay, well nothing is stopping him from physically driving a car, but he would not be able to get a driveru2019s license and thus, can not LEGALLY drive. Hope he doesnu2019t get pulled over.No, he will not be able to voteOnce old enough he will not be able to register to vote.Yes, he can avoid the draftWell the good news is that like taxes, he can skirt the requirement to join the draft when he turns 18.No, he canu2019t get a loanThis means no credit cards, no car loan, no home, nothing. Iu2019m sure plenty of people will claim these are all evil anyway, but these have powerful impacts on someoneu2019s life. There might be times he needs it. (and when used properly none of these are bad things).No, he will not have a credit scoreThis goes with the above one, but he will not be able to work on this which affects your entire life/future. This also will disqualify him from renting most homes or apartments he is looking at.Basically your child will be treated as an illegal immigrant. Why put them through this when they are entitled to the benefits that the United States provides its citizens? There are people in other countries dying to get what your child is entitled to and you are (considering) denying your child those abilities? It just doesnu2019t make sense.Get them a SSN and if your child decides at 20 that he wants to live off-the-grid than he can burn his Social Security Card and go in the woods and hide from the government. But donu2019t be selfish enough to make that decision for them.My roommate resents his parents for not giving him a SSN. While all his friends in high school were driving, he couldnu2019t. While his friends go to Cancun for spring break, he had golden handcuffs in the U.S. and canu2019t leave. And worst of all he said was that while all his friends were earning money from jobs in high school, he couldnu2019t get a job.The job part was the hardest for him. He couldnu2019t leave the house or move out when he turned 18. He was stuck at home.Him working on getting a social security number was difficult and took him two years. He started when he turned 18 to get one once he realized he couldnu2019t go to college, he couldnu2019t get a job, he couldnu2019t rent an apartment, and thus will never really be able to be independent from his parents. It took two years and then at 20 he was able to get one and start working and going to school.He forever resented his parents. Donu2019t be those parentsu2026
Are specifications documents required for ISO 9001 certification?
Yes, they are required. I shall explain this from the perspective of both ISO 9001 - 2023. the old standard and ISO 9001-2015, the new standard since the ISO 9001-2023 still has co-existence with ISO 9001-2023 till the dead line of transition to new standard which is 15 September, 2018.ISO 9001u20132008ISO 9001 - 2023 under clause 4.2.1 expects organization to have :a) documented statements of a quality policy and quality objectivesb) a quality manualc) documents and records, required by the international standardd) documents including records, determined by the organization to be necessary to ensure effective planning, operation and control of processes.There are six mandatory procedures required by international standard against following clauses, namely, :4.2.3 Control of Documents4.2.4 Control of Records8.2.2 Internal Audits8.3 Control of Non Conforming Product8.5.1 Corrective Action &8.5.2 Preventive ActionAgainst the above clauses, the statement of requirement u201c A documented procedure shall be maintained u201d can be seen.The mandatory records required by the international standard can be identified by the statement u201c records ofu2026.. Shall be maintained u2023 under respective clauses. Also in the brackets, 4.2.4 will be indicated which is the clause number for Control of Records.ISO 9001- 2015In ISO 9001- 2023 both documents and records are integrated together and bought under clause 7.5 documented information, which has sub clauses as follows, namely :7.5.1 General7.5.2 Creating and Updating7.5.3 Control of documented Information.Clause 7.5.1 of ISO 9001-2023 states that u201c The organization u2018s quality management system shall include :a) documented information required by the international standardb) documented information determined by the organization as being necessary for the effectiveness of quality management system.The relevant clauses in the standard, where required, also indicate regarding maintaining the documented information.The question also refers to specifications, which, I believe, is pertinent to design and development specifications. Hence please note the following :The mandatory records required under clause 7.3 Design and Development of ISO 9001- 2023 are :Design & Development Input recordsDesign & Development Review recordsDesign & Development Verification recordsDesign & Development Validation records &Record of review of design changes & actionsThe documented information required by the clause 8.3, Design and Development of products and services of ISO 9001- 2023 are those relevant to :Design & Development PlanningDesign & Development InputsDesign & Development ControlsDesign & Development Outputs &Design & Development changes & its reviewsRef. ISO 9001-2023 & ISO 9001-2023 Standards
Does it pay off to get welding certifications?
Certification is one way to advance in the field after you complete your welding training. The type of certification a welder seeks usually depends on the industry he or she works in. Most welding certifications must be renewed after a certain length of time. Find out how long some of the most common certifications are good for in this article.When Do Welding Certifications Expire?Welding certifications are usually good for anywhere from six months to three years.Employer Certifications6 MonthsEmployers often test job applicants on the specific welding process theyu2019ll be using in that line of work. Once a welder has proven his or her ability in a certain welding process, metal, position, and thickness range, he or she is considered qualified for the job. If the welderu2019s test results were documented, then he or she is certified to work in that welding process for six months.American Welding Society u2023 industry standard6 monthsLearn More About Attending TWSItu2019s easy u2023 just fill out the form below and we will reach out with more info!Full NameEmail AddressPhone NumberZip CodeGET STARTEDThe American Welding Society (AWS) offers eight certifications for welders. One of the tests is for the Certified Welder. This certification could prove helpful to welders working in the chemical refinery, structural steel, sheet metal, and petroleum pipeline welding industries.Every six months after you receive this certification you must submit a maintenance form to AWS verifying that youu2019re still performing the same welding you were initially tested on. Welders who do not submit their maintenance forms within this timeframe must be tested on the procedures again to reinstate their certification in them.
I am a layman. What is Form 16, Income Tax return and the fuss about it?
The filing of Income Tax returns is a mandatory duty along with the payment of Income Tax to the Government of India . As the season closes by (last date of filing return - 5th August for 2014), many new tax-payers are in qualms as to how to go with the procedure as well as do away with the seemingly complicated mechanism behind it .Following are some of the pointers , which I acquired through self-learning (all are written considering the tax procedures for an Individual, and not Companies or other organizations).u00a0 Here goesu00a0 :1) Firstly , it is important to understand that Income Tax return is a document which is filed by you stating your Total Income in a Financial Year through various sources of income i.e Salary , business, house property, etc . (Financial Year is the year of your income , and Assessment Year is the year next to it in which the tax is due . Eg - Financial Year 2013-14, Assessment Year 2014-15)It also states the Taxable income on that salary and the Total tax payable with surcharges and Education Cess . The Taxable income has an exemption of upto 2 lakh rupees(For an individual, and not a senior citizen) for this assessment year , and 2.5 lakhs for the next (As per the new budget) . You also get tax exemptions on various other investments/allowances such as HRA , Fixed Deposits , Insurance Policies , Provident Funds , Children's Education , etc under various clauses of Section 80.People should know that return is filed to intimate the Government of your tax statements and it should not be confused with the Tax-refund one gets if there is a surplus tax paid by you to the Government . Return is not Refund .2) Government of India collects Income Tax through three modes :a) TDS - Tax Deduction at Source . TDS is the system in which any corporation/business as an Employer is supposed to deduct the Income tax of an Employee from his/her salary at source and submit it to the GOI before the end of Financial Year . The tax is deducted regularly from the employee's salary in certain percentage so as to overcome the liability of Total Tax to be paid by the employer for the Financial Year.The Employer issues a TDS Certificate in the form of Form 16 or Form 16A to the Employee which would be used to claim the TDS by the employee while filing his/her return . Form 16 is the certificate issued for the tax deducted under the head Salaries . Form 16A is issued for tax deducted for income through other sources such as interests on securities,dividends,winnings,etc.If the employee has some extra income through other sources , he/she should intimate the Employer about it before so as to include it for TDS . The total tax paid by you through TDS is also available online on the TRACES portal which is linked to your Bank Account and PAN No. for your convenience . You can also generate and validate your Form 16 / 16A from the website to file your return online .b) Advance Tax and Self Assessment Tax .Advance Tax may also be called 'Pay as you earn' Tax . In India one has to ehis income during the financial year.If your projected tax liability of the current Financial year is more than Rs 10000, you are supposed to pay Advance tax !This has to be paid in three instalments. 30 % by 15th Sept,60% minus first instalment by 15th Dec and 100% minus 2nd instalment by 15th March.For individuals who are earning only through salaries , the Advance Tax is taken care of through TDS by the employers and there is hardly any Advance Tax to be paid . But for individuals who have other sources of income , they have to pay Advance Tax .If one forgets to pay he is liable to pay interest @ 1% p.m.Self-Assessment Tax - While filing your Return of Income, one does a computation of income and taxes to be filled in the Return. On computation, sometimes it is noted that the Taxes paid either as Advance Tax or by way of TDS fall short of the Actual Tax Payable . The shortfall so determined is called the Self Assessment Tax which is payable before filing the Return of Income. c) TCS - Tax Collection at Source .Tax Collected at Source (TCS) is income tax collected by a Seller from a Payer on sale of certain items. The seller has to collect tax at specified rates from the payer who has purchased these items :u00a0u00a0u00a0 Alcoholic liquor for human consumptionu00a0u00a0u00a0 Tendu leavesu00a0u00a0u00a0 Timber obtained under a forest leaseu00a0u00a0u00a0 Timber obtained by any mode other than under a forest leaseu00a0u00a0u00a0 Any other forest produce not being timber or tendu leavesu00a0u00a0u00a0 Scrapu00a0u00a0u00a0 Minerals being coal or lignite or iron oreu00a0u00a0u00a0 Scrap BatteriesSalaried Individuals are not concerned with TCS .3) Online Procedure for Filing your Return , Payment of Tax , and viewing/generating your TDS certificate .u00a0 a) Filing Income Tax Return :The procedure is as simple as it gets . You have to go to the E-filing homepage of the GOI , i.e https://incometaxindiaefiling.go... and login to your account . If you don't have an account yet , you can create it through the 'Register Yourself' link above it . All you need is a PAN No. (obviously) . After logging in , you have to go to the E-file tab and select the 'Prepare and Submit online ITR' option . Alternatively , you can select the 'Upload Return' option to upload your return through an XML file downloaded from the 'Downloads' tab and filled offline by you .You have to enter your PAN No, select ITR Form name 'ITR1' (Form ITR1 is for salaried individuals, income from house property and other income) , select Assessment year and submit .Now all you have to do is fill the form with the tabs Personal Information , Income Details , Tax Details , Tax Paid and Verification and 80G to complete your Return and submit it to the Income Tax Department .The 'Income Details' tab asks for your Total Income through various sources , and Tax exemptions claimed by you under various clauses of Section 80 . It also computes the Income tax liability of yours for that Financial Year . The 'Tax details' tab asks for the TAN (Tax Deduction Account Number) and Details of Form 16/16A issued by the employer/generated by you for TDS . It also asks for Advance Tax / Self Assessment Tax, if paid and the Challan no. of the payment receipt .The 'Tax Paid and Verification' Tab asks for your Bank Account Number and IFSC code . If there is a surplus tax paid by you in the form of TDS/Advance Tax , you will get its refund with interest in a 4 months period by the Income Tax Department . After submitting the Return , you get a link on your registered E-mail id . This link provides you the ITR-V document (an acknowledgement slip) which you have to download , print , put your signature , and send it to the Bangalore division of the Income Tax Department for completion of your Return Filing . The address is mentioned in the document . Alternatively , you can evade the ITR-V process and opt to digitally sign in the beginning of E-filing , but the process requires you to spend money and is to be renewed every year .b) Payment of Tax - You can pay the TDS (Not required for an individual, it is to be paid by the employer) , Advance Tax or Self Assessment Tax through the portal of Tax Information Network , i.e e-TAX Payment System After filling the required form (ITNS 280 for Income Tax) , you pay the tax through your Bank Account , and get a Challan receipt which will be used during filing your return .c) View/ Generate TDS Certificate online .You can do it by logging on to the TRACES portal of the Tax Deduction System , i.e , Page on tdscpc.gov.in You will have to register yourself before logging in through your PAN no.You can view the details of your TDS deducted by the Employer via From 26AS on the portal .Also , you can generate your TDS Certificate in the form of Form 16/16A by entering the TAN No. of your Employer .
How do illegal immigrants get hired for jobs when every job I've had required me to be a citizen and show a birth certificate and an SS number?
First, two of the answers here kind of hint towards what I want to say about this, but don't really go into the level of detail I'd like to present on the issue. One is from Illinois, which, letu2019s be honest is near the wrong border for this problem.Second and I know you didn't use the term asker, but I want to be clear about this too: let's call a spade a spade. I refuse to use the term u201cundocumentedu201d. It's a term used by people who want to normalize illegal immigration and deflect attention away from the fact that it illegal immigration is a crime, and not a victimless one.I live in Houston, TX, which has one of the highest populations of illegal aliens of any city in the country.I also live and work in a section of the city that is populated primarily by illegal immigrants.The short answer to your question is this: when there are almost zero repercussions for doing so, an employer will select the illegal alien every time. Why, you ask?Illegals are not entitled to worker protections.Illegals are not entitled to minimum wageIllegals do not pay taxes, so employers don't have to eitherIllegals aren't entitled to benefits, even if other legal employees areIllegals are easy to manipulate, because their ability to stay under the radar (and in the country) can change with one phone call.It would require massive audit of almost every business in the city to root out the employers who hire illegal immigrants. No legal citizens want to report it in their workplace because it could jeapordize their own jobs.The biggest offenders, from what I've seen are the following:Small businessesConstruction companiesGeneral labor companies, such as landscaping and janitorial servicesLarge retailers like Walmart and such have a harder time because they are under much greater scrutiny from the government. Fast food restaurants with franchisees can get away with more because of the gap between the franchisee and the corporate parent.Here in Houston, it is virtually impossible to get a construction job as a legal citizen. When I was transitioning from the military I was heavily interested in the trades. I like working with my hands, and the apprenticeship system appealed to me.I couldn't get a single bite for six months of trying, entry-level helper and apprentice positions. I found out why later.I was employed as a security officer at a building that was in the final stages of construction. Still a lot going on, but close enough to finished to get a certificate of occupancy.Part of my job was to check every single construction worker in and hold their IDs as collateral for keys they were issued.Every single ID was from a Central American country. Not one of them had a US issued ID.This wasn't one or two guys. It was no less than 30 at any given time. Sometimes up to 100.We had all of the following on site:PipefittersWeldersIronworkersCarpentersStonemasonsPaintersElectriciansHVAC TechniciansPlumbersAll skilled trades, with tons of American demand for.Not u201conly the jobs Americans don't want to dou201d, as some apologists say.I would have loved to do any one of those for a living, but I can't get hired because these employers know I would want to be paid what the job was worth.Why pay me $15/hour plus benefits to be an apprentice when you can pay an illegal $9/hour and work him to death without providing health insurance?I honestly don't blame the illegal immigrants as much as I do the employers who take advantage of their cheap labor, and the politicians who have castrated our law enforcement agencies ability to harshly enforce our immigration laws.The opportunity is there, why not take it? I'd do the same thing in their shoes if it would pra better life for my children.The key to this issue is to make illegal immigration simply not worth the effort. These unscrupulous employers create demand for illegal immigration when they hire illegal immigrants.To really stamp this problem out, we have to make using illegal labor so risky and potentially ruinous for a business that it isn't worth it. These companies only speak one language: money. If hiring illegals carried the risk of losing much more than they would save, they wouldn't use illegal labor.By the same token, make the legal process easier for those with skills we need. Something like the stipulations many EU countries have where proof that no native citizen was qualified for the job prior to opening it to foreign talent is required.
How can I obtain Japanese citizenship?
Great answers by Dick Karp and David LaSpina.I can only add my two cents of knowledge to their insights.The first thing: citizenship and naturalization are two different matters.You can only get citizenship if you were born from Japanese parents, AND being registered within 3 months with your local Japanese consulate.AND when you reach 20 years old, it's mandatory you choose whether lose your local citizenship or your Japanese citizenship.Should you not make a move, you lose your Japanese one by default.On the other hand, you might be naturalised Japanese (i.e.: become a non-born Japanese with a permanent visa) if all these criteria are met:- you're living for at least 5 years in Japan- you're at least 20 years old- you can read, write and speak Japanese fluently- you are willing to go through writing exams and interview processes- you have professional skills and $ to support yourselfEvery case is examined and weighed individually. Say, if one of your parents is Japanese (Japanese-born), the Ministry of Justice may wave the age and residence requirements. But again: it is a case-by-case process.Sources:Japanese nationality lawI want to become a Japanese nationalMany angles to acquiring Japanese citizenship | The Japan TimesAlso, I went myself to my local Japan consulate and talked with them.
What is the difference between Medical Examiners and Forensic Pathologists?
I am planning on pursuing a career as a Medical Examiner. The difference, in my opinion, is hard to distinguish. They are relatively the same job, they work hand in hand.Pathology by definition is: a significant component of the causal study of disease and a major field in modern medicine and diagnosis.Medical Examiner by definition is: a person trained in medicine or a medical organization that investigates deaths and injuries that occur under unusual or suspicious circumstances, to perform post-mortem examinationsThey work hand in hand (in most cases) due to the diagnosis and medical background that both jobs specialize in (Most diseases are examined postmortem in order to find cures).The biggest difference would be that Medical Examiners usually go out into the field to examine bodies then bring them back to the laboratories to preform autopsies to find cause of death. Pathologists can examine both living and dead persons and in the case of the deceased persons they usually team up with a Medical Examiner to preform Autopsies.Hope that helps! :)
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