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How can a recent graduate get a job without experience?
In the current scenario, it is relatively tough for a lot of people to get the right job after their graduation. The best part about getting a job from campus placements is, that you have only 300–400 people to compete with and have higher chances of getting a job but if you do not secure an opportunity and apply off campus, then you will have 300,000 to 400,000 people looking for the same type of opportunity and probability is reduced by 1000x.I don’t mean to scare or dishearten you in any manner but just want you to be prepared for the hustle. As you haven’t mentioned which domain you wish to get into, I will guide you as per the higher chances of securing a job. There are industries such as IT, FMCG, Healthcare, business and consulting etc. Whereas all of them have really good options, IT offers the most number of jobs and is the biggest employer. So let’s talk about it first.IT industry- IT industry is primarily divided into 2 parts-Service based companies- Companies like congnizant, TCS, Wipro, Infosys hire freshers and make them work on specific technologies. On an average, you get 2.5–3.3lpa initially. While this can be one option to start your career with, you need to understand that the learning and growth there is low as within 2–3 years you will be at 4–4.5lpa only. As you just keep working on specific projects, you might become good at 1 technology but not an all-rounder.Product based companies- Companies which are offering a product to solve an issue or make our lives easier i.e. Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato, Swiggy etc. hire people for various technologies and offer better learning curve as you will be working on a whole system and will learn various aspects of business, rather then just one technology or area. Salaries being offered here are between 4–7lpa initially and you can reach 8–12lpa within 2–3 years of span.This was about what IT offers. Now you need to understand, what it requires?So, IT industry requires you to constantly upgrade and improve your skill set in order to grow and achieve the right curve. Let’s look at the trends for last few years in web development.As you can see, javascript is now the most popular and in demand language to work on. In 2022. it was ruby which was topping the charts. So you have to keep this in your mind that you learn as much as you can, adopt new technologies and you will be able to achieve a good growth for sure.Next question is, How you can get a job with no prior experience?In last few years, due to the rise of startup ecosystem in the country, there has been a great hike in the demand of skilled developers and IT professionals. Companies are willing to hire people with the right skill set, even if they don’t hold much experience. All you need to do is to learn and gain practical experience even when you are working.So to get a job, you will have to follow a step by step process and if you miss any of these points, you will not be able to secure a well-paying job. So these are the 3 steps you can follow-Start learning the skills as per the demand of the industry. You can start with the basics and move to the advance level step by step.While learning, start applying your skills to work on live projects, problem statements and build a portfolio which covers all the practical work you have done.Start building professional connections, work on your profile and CV to make it look presentable and then start applying for jobs. If you follow these steps strictly, in the same order, there will be no questions about being a fresher or professional and you will easily get hired.I would suggest, you learn from industry professionals and not from training institutions, as the people in institutes, do not have industry experience and are just teachers. If you learn there, you won’t be able to get much of a practical knowledge and will be stuck with no job.I can suggest you a few online platforms which I have tried personally such as Udacity, edX, edWisor, simplilearn etc.Udacity-Pros- Good curriculum, certificationCons- Can be expensive, they offer nano degrees, which are not authorized in IndiaedWisor.com-Pros- Industry level curriculum, many live projects, industry professionals as mentors and the most important part is that they offer job assurance in India.Cons- Do not hold a big brand name as of now.Simplilearn, edX-Pros- Only live sessions learning, certificationCons- No job assistance, can be quite expensive for a lot of peopleWhile I have tried all of them, you are free to do your own research and choose the right one for you. As you mentioned, you are looking for an opportunity as well, I would suggest that you consider edWisor.com, as they offer a job assurance and can be your best bet.I am open to discussions and to answer your queries. Feel free to connect or request an answer, if you have anything to ask regarding IT industry, trends and job opportunities.Wish you luck!!
What's it like to live in a country without the right to bear arms as in the USA?
A few years ago, I went clubbing with my buddies. We did the usual things that a group of guys do when clubbing - get drunk and hit on girls. In our group, we can all handle alcohol well, and don’t get out of control when we are drunk. I myself get really tired when I’ve had too much and have to go to sleep.One of my friends tried to talk to a girl standing by herself. He introduced himself to her. She, unfazed by his charming introduction, walked off without really responding. Fair enough, it happens.What he didn’t know was that she was there with someone.Her inebriated boyfriend must have seen this happen. He immediately jumped on my friend out of nowhere and started throwing punches. He was a little guy, but the aggression with which he went off on my buddy and the fact that he seemingly came out of nowhere took my friend by surprise.The bouncers quickly took that guy by the scruff and kicked him out of the club.An hour later, me and my two buddies met outside for a bit of rest from the noise and the heat of the club. We were probably ready to go home.Suddenly, the same guy comes out of nowhere again and starts throwing punches. He needed to get his “revenge” in. His girlfriend is trying to hold him back, but to no avail.The bouncers pounce on him once more, pin him down to the floor and let him know in a very physical way that he has nothing to gain from his actions. He walks a few paces outside of the club and starts dialling something on his phone - the bouncers have to do more “work” to convince him that he really should move on.The country where this happened, Poland, has no second amendment. Getting your hands on a gun is possible, but the controls are very strict and carrying it around is certainly not possible, unless you can prove that you need it for work.This guy was nuts! There were 3 of us, and we are all 6 feet+. Even though we’re not exactly fighters, we could have wiped the floor with him if it really came to it. To top it off, at the peak of this event, he had 4 to 6 bouncers giving him their attention. Polish bouncers are often muscle-bound steroid jocks who are just itching for a chance to give someone a good kicking. These guys were no exception. The Police in Poland would turn a blind eye to this - a drunk guy, getting his face structure rearranged by bouncers after causing a ruckus in a club? Serves him right! It’s crazy to go into a confrontation with the bouncers.Can you honestly tell me that you can be sure that if he had access to a firearm, he wouldn’t go to his car, retrieve said firearm and shoot up me, my friends, and a couple of the bouncers?Yes, maybe one of the bouncers would have shot him if the bouncers had guns. A good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun, just like the NRA says. But it’s almost certain that some, or all of my friends would be shot dead, that I could be shot dead and that a few of the bouncers would be shot dead before they had a chance to even reach for their weapon. It’s completely possible that a few of the club’s other patrons would be shot dead. Almost certainly, someone would be injured, perhaps seriously.This kind of scenario, unfortunately, plays out in the US on an everyday basis.Is this a price worth paying for the second amendment?It’s great when the good guys stop a bad guy with a gun. It’s better if the bad guys don’t have a chance to get a gun.Yes, the criminals who really, really want to have a gun to aid in their activities will still get them. The difference is that those people aren’t usually crazy drunks doing things on impulse, jealous partners, addicts wanting to rob a convenience store or religious fanatics wanting to off unbeliever scum for the promise of a virgin-bonanza afterlife - they are businessmen, using their weapons in a rational manner. Weapons that cost thousands of dollars on the black market: around $7,000 for a handgun in the UK, from what I read. Special armed police units can deal with them - but these people are very unlikely to wantonly start targeting innocent civilians - you need to be messing with them in order to incur their wrath, and even then, they are unlikely to use a firearm against you, because they know that it would bring a sh!tstorm of unimaginable proportions on them and their business.Living in Europe, where no second amendment exists, I have never, ever had to think whether the person I am speaking to right now, maybe in unfriendly terms, will suddenly pull out a gun and shoot me. It feels safe and free.Freedom is an interesting concept that can be warped to suit one's point. Not being able to buy a firearm is a restriction on my freedom. I've been to instructor-led firing ranges and I really enjoyed practicing to shoot and learning about firearms.Thing is, during my little club adventure, it didn't once cross my mind that the guy could have a gun. We have thugs here in Europe too, but it never once crossed my mind that the group that I am about to pass on the street has a firearm. European police rarely worry about people being armed during traffic stops. Black people in the UK (or white people!) don't need to worry about the police shooting them. We are all free from the burden of worrying about being shot dead or injured with a firearm. We are free to go about our business wherever we want and speak to others how we want, safe in the knowledge that the worst that can happen is a solid ass-kicking.The Second Amendment? I would see it as a considerable restriction of my freedom.Finally, please enjoy this video of a knife-wielding suspect being apprehended in Russia, without the cops having to use their guns:
I am 17, and my parents are going to kick me out on my 18th birthday in August to make me homeless. What do I do? I don’t have a driver’s license or a bank account. My parents say that I cannot find a job but that I am “free” to do so once I leave.
I am one of 3 sons, and we were all told from as young as I can remember, “You have until you’re 18 to live here and eat my food and use my utilities. As long as you live here, you will obey my rules. My house, my things, my kids, my rules.” This was not my parents• position just to “make me homeless”. Homelessness was not their intent. Us boys achieving independence and self-reliance was the intent.My parents lived through the Great Depression and World War II. My Dad was a B-29 bombardier in the Korean War, but before that he was one of 14 children of a tobacco farmer (and moonshiner), and that meant that he had to work hard for every meal he ate. My Granddaddy was a little, wiry, freakishly strong, backbreaking worker of a man. Daddy always told us (and so did his siblings) that the young un’s were Mama’s until theywere big enough to hold a hoe and shovel, at which point they became Granddaddy’s labor force. Granddaddy would often say he couldn’t afford to hire help, so he just made it instead.My Mom is a first-generation American, the daughter of Itish immigrants who fled Ireland due to the depths of poverty and hopelessness turn-of-the-century Irishmen endured. Hours in Irish fields were just as long and hard as what my Dad grew up in, and my Mom’s folks knew there was no future for them at home. Irish children died of hunger routinely or were basically sold off to various ‘labour houses• to perform backbreaking manual labor for pennies a week. Upon arriving in the US in 1910, in Birmingham, Alabama, my grandparents found work of the same type as in Ireland: crop gathering, mining, menial household chores-type work wherever it could be found.Feeding a family in those conditions was a tribulation. It was very common for children to strike out on their own as young as 15. My Mom stayed at home with her folks until at 18, she met my Dad on leave in 1956 in Pensacola, Florida, where she was visiting cousins, picking strawberries and tomatoes for 2¢ a bushel. My Dad joined the Air Force by lying about his age to get in, in 1949 at the age of 15, to get off the farm and “make some real money”—the princely sum of $82 per month! And free medical and dental, and even paid vacation. Unheard-of in 1949 on the shale flats and hills of rural Tennessee tobacco country. By 1956, Daddy had gone from an Airman 2 to an O-1 bombardier from 1951–53 (battlefield promotion) and back down to WO-4 after the war when he reclassed as an Air Policeman, for which he was paid $399 per month. They married in 1959 after he got out of the Air Force. He took his GI Bill and went to flight school and electronics school, eventually becoming a commercial-rated pilot and an Electrical Engineer just as the Space Race shifted into warp drive. He landed at NASA and TRW Space Systems (from which he retired after 33 years).Mom had no education beyond high school and secretary school, working as a store clerk, a farmer’s market secretary, a Ma Bell telephone operator, a doctor’s receptionist, a medical bookkeeper, and even a Census taker, collections agent, and construction secretary. She finally fetched up at DCAA and retired as a Federal auditor.Even after such a life, my Daddy found himself to be restless—he often said he didn’t know what to do with himself, living at 3113 Leftwich Street, Huntsville, Alabama in 1965. Their house had a small back yard, too small for livestock or gardening, so in 1969, he found a delapidated old farm in Lincoln, Tennessee, and that’s where I lived until 1976, when I absconded to the military.Theirs was a rags-to-JCPenney-clothes story, and every chapter was written in sweat and tears. My brothers and I were raised on a feeder farm by hard-working, no-nonsense people who were themselves the children of hard-working, no-nonsense people.Being shown the door at NLT 18 may seem cruel to the modern generation (of Americans) who’ve never once had to scrape potatoes out of the earth with their bare hands (like me and my family did), or catch a cow that didn’t want to be caught, or pluck chickens or gut fish, or scrub the bristles off a hog’s hide just to have supper.My parents took me to the Lincoln County Health Department when I was 14 to get my work permit, and they found me my first job—minimum wage of $1.65 per hour (not $2.00, because it was a restaurant…an ice cream shop). I had to give every cent to them for room and board and gas to and from the Hyde Out. If I was lucky, I kept $2–3 for myself.I couldn’t wait to be 18 and get the hell out of there! I mean, I literally couldn’t wait—I joined the Navy at 17 (with Daddy’s blessing and Mom’s not knowing until it was too late to stop it).For many people of my generation, getting kicked out at 18 was a liberation. It was very hard to live at home with the endless labors of being a farmer’s child.I vowed that my eventual children would not be raised so close to the dirt that they had to dig it out from under their fingernails every night. I vowed that my eventual kids would not have to go fishing after school to have meat for supper. Once I was finished with military service, I bought a place in the country to raise my kids on…but it is no farm—feeder, truck, commercial, or otherwise. Just some acreage 20 miles from my job where I can plant tomatoes, onions, and hot peppers, where I don’t hear sirens every single day, or have neighbors 30 feet away, but guess what I told my kids?“You have until you’re 18 to live here and eat my food and use my utilities. As long as you live here, you will obey my rules. My house, my things, my kids, my rules.”I also told them, “You think I’m hard on you, but I never wake you up at 3:00AM to feed the cows, chickens, and hogs and bring in firewood and eggs before you go to school. I don’t make you cut firewood or 12 rows of okra (okra cutting is torture), or bend your back picking bush beans. I never make you clean rabbits or deer for the freezer. I don’t make you sit out back and shuck corn and shell peas for 10 hours. You two have got. It. Made. I make you mow the lawn and pick up your dirty clothes. I make you load the dishwasher. I make you brush your teeth. I make you bring the garbage cans up. I make you do your homework. I’m a bastard, aren’t I?”I made them study and work hard on schooly things because I had already figured out that kids their ages would be adults left behind without college degrees. My hard work and theirs allowed both to attend and graduate the University of Alabama. They’ve done quite well for themselves, and I never have to give either one a cent. I went back to school myself, though not UA because of cost, taking 8 years of night school and correspondence courses to earn my own degrees).None of this was easy, not for any of us.Life is hard. It takes work.And you have to start young.Your parents are doing you a favor. They are not saying to you, “Get out, we hate your guts,” they are saying to you, “Get out and make your own way, and you must start young.”You must adopt the proper attitude: this is for your own good, and only you can see to your own good. Who stays with Mom and Dad til he’s 30 has crippled his own independence and gumption. Get-up-and-go. Drive. Ambition.If you have none, you become a leech rather than a worker bee.
If I found a cash pallet ($24 million) hidden by drug dealers, how can I use it without getting caught? Assuming the individuals involved in the illegal dealings are dead, how can I turn this money into legitimate funds without raising a red flag?
The very first step would be research into your own state’s laws regarding lost and found property and asset forfeiture laws.We are talking about finding money, which is not a crime, and embarking on activities that would be crimes, in efforts to keep some portion of the find.It is a personal choice, based on the laws of the state in which you find the money, to go down the route of trying for illicit gains from the find and accepting that one’s ‘profit• may be pennies on the dollar.If your own state will conclude the money is crime related, subject to total forfeit and in its entirety free to be used by the local police to buy military surplus armored personal carriers, armor piercing weaponry and attack helicopters, then maybe you can find a nearby state with more friendly terms and weave a story where, gee wiz, you found the pallet while camping with the family.If you decide to go down the road of laundering the money, keep your day job and think long term.Groceries, gasoline, water, sewer and property tax bills, and clothing can be paid for in cash. So might be paid lawn services, or, alternatively, low-budget apartment rentals. Use of the stash, rather than your paycheck or direct deposit allows you to grow an investment nest egg.Don’t buy a new car. On the state road, a couple miles north, there is a used car lot with a big sign: buy here, pay here. Buy a used car for a few thousand down and an additional $400 per month and you solve your transportation needs and convert $7,000 per year. Change cars every year, reselling the old car for the dealer’s check.Buy fixer-upper houses. Buy materials with cash. Pay contractors for small projects, with cash. Flip the homes at closings where the buyer brings bank checks.Buy bulk flax. Pay cash for someone to weave some macrame pot hangers. Rent a space at a craft fair. Sit there, surly and unapproachable for the weekend. Deposit, ahem, cash sales proceeds Monday morning.As equity grows, expand the house flipping business.Add a check cashing business, pay day loan operation and bail bonding service allow scenarios for dispensing and receiving cash in exchange for small denomination check transactions.Lower interest rates on payday loans and check-cashing percentage takes, below what competition charges, to drive up business volume. Use a proprietary intake questionnaire to screen applicants for the payday loans and check cashing, to justify the smaller margins. You lend smartly to gain better returns.Book every dollar of injected cash from the stash as revenue and pay taxes on computed profits. The top 1% should pay their fair share.Buy a fast food franchise. Add stash to the nightly deposit. Pay cash for third-party services like garbage removal and mowing the silly strip of lawn between the street and the parking lot. Do not report the full value of the expenses.
How can I get more people to fill out my survey?
Make it compellingQuickly and clearly make these points:Who you are and why you are doing thisHow long it takesWhats in it for me -- why should someone help you by completing the surveyExample: "Please spend 3 minutes helping me make it easier to learn Mathematics. Answer 8 short questions for my eternal gratitude and (optional) credit on my research findings. Thank you SO MUCH for helping."Make it convenientKeep it shortShow up at the right place and time -- when people have the time and inclination to help. For example, when students are planning their schedules. Reward participationOffer gift cards, eBooks, study tips, or some other incentive for helping.Test and refineTest out different offers and even different question wording and ordering to learn which has the best response rate, then send more invitations to the offer with the highest response rate.Reward referralsIf offering a reward, increase it for referrals. Include a custom invite link that tracks referrals.
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