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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Separation of employment

Instructions and Help about Separation of employment

Greetings this lecture is on employee separation specifically how do we remove an employee from an organization sometimes it's voluntarily we do this sometimes it's involuntarily and we talked about issues of turnover earlier on in the semester so what we're going to get to now are the more challenging issues of when we have to make a decision to fire someone or to lay them off how do we go about doing that so as you guys know from the first slide there are multitude of reasons why people leave an organization sometimes it's voluntary and sometimes it's involuntary sometimes they're fired or they're laid off so it could be a variety of reasons we also talked when we talked about HR planning that we don't always have to make a hire or we don't always have to fire somebody sometimes we can do layoffs so even if we choose not to do a layoff there are other alternatives that we can use for example we can do a hiring freeze or we could do reduced work hours for everybody so that there's everybody takes an equal cut we could transfer people we could relocate them we can demote them these are all ways that we can find a way to decrease our labor supply without it hurting the company in the long haul so we have to make some really hard decisions about how we want to handle that a layoff is very different than a firing where a layoff is a situation where we let someone go but we give have the option to rehire them later and usually we lay somebody off because we're having economic problems or some other issues but what we're really looking at is if there have been a good performer in the past and we like them it gives us an opportunity to call them back so sometimes we have to make a layoff decision it's not related to a disciplinary issue sometimes it's that the company is selling off a division and or they decide to close a division down because the product just isn't is too old and it's not selling anymore so we can do a layoff or and we can try to you know create a situation where even though I don't need them now if I had an opportunity I would bring them back later in terms of downsizing it's a way that we can do a layoff and with downsizing our goal here is that we want to restructure and reorganize the business in such a way that we can be more effective and more efficient in the way that we do things and so downsizing was really more about what we call right sizing where we come up with a strategy and we develop a structure and based on that strategy and that structure may rearrange the way that we do work and it may shrink the size of our organization because we.

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