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Greetings this lecture is on employee separation specifically how do we remove an employee from an organization sometimes it's voluntarily we do this sometimes it's involuntarily and we talked about issues of turnover earlier on in the semester so what we're going to get to now are the more challenging issues of when we have to make a decision to fire someone or to lay them off how do we go about doing that so as you guys know from the first slide there are multitude of reasons why people leave an organization sometimes it's voluntary and sometimes it's involuntary sometimes they're fired or they're laid off so it could be a variety of reasons we also talked when we talked about HR planning that we don't always have to make a hire or we don't always have to fire somebody sometimes we can do layoffs so even if we choose not to do a layoff there are other alternatives that we can use for example we can do a hiring freeze or we could do reduced work hours for everybody so that there's everybody takes an equal cut we could transfer people we could relocate them we can demote them these are all ways that we can find a way to decrease our labor supply without it hurting the company in the long haul so we have to make some really hard decisions about how we want to handle that a layoff is very different than a firing where a layoff is a situation where we let someone go but we give have the option to rehire them later and usually we lay somebody off because we're having economic problems or some other issues but what we're really looking at is if there have been a good performer in the past and we like them it gives us an opportunity to call them back so sometimes we have to make a layoff decision it's not related to a disciplinary issue sometimes it's that the company is selling off a division and or they decide to close a division down because the product just isn't is too old and it's not selling anymore so we can do a layoff or and we can try to you know create a situation where even though I don't need them now if I had an opportunity I would bring them back later in terms of downsizing it's a way that we can do a layoff and with downsizing our goal here is that we want to restructure and reorganize the business in such a way that we can be more effective and more efficient in the way that we do things and so downsizing was really more about what we call right sizing where we come up with a strategy and we develop a structure and based on that strategy and that structure may rearrange the way that we do work and it may shrink the size of our organization because we.


For the new 2022 W-4 form, do I also print out the separate A-H worksheet and fill that out for my employer?
No, an employee is not required to give the separate worksheet to the employer. Keep it for your own records.
I'm going to be moving to Hong Kong next month. What do I need to know?
The way to find the apartment is to find the neighborhood you want to live in, and walk into a real estate agent for that neighborhood.  Hong Kong is pretty compact, so it doesn't make that much difference if you live on the island.  I know a few people that live in Shenzhen (much, much cheaper) and commute to Central every day.Bank account:  go into a bank with your passportPhone: You can get your iphone unlocked at which point there are all sorts of competitive cell plansInternet: Also lots of competition.  Cost of living: It can very widely.  The big cost is rent, and where you want to live and how much you want to pay is up to you.  Expat things tend to be more expensive.The only thing that I haven't been able to get in Hong Kong are tamales.Some random things....1) The most annoying thing is to find schools for the kids.  One thing that I found out was that you should e-mail the schools to see if there are any places open before filling out any applications.   That will save you a lot of time, and if a school doesn't respond to your e-mails, that means they aren't interested.Also you'll find that people will keep their space in a school until the last minute.  We were put on a lot of wait lists, and the day before school started we got calls seeing if you are interested.2) The housing reimbursement program is not a separate account.  You fill out a form saying that you want X of your income to go to housing, and that gets set up tax-free.  I was confused because I thought it was like an account in the US where the money goes into a separate account.3) Pensions work differently in HK.  One big mistake that I made was because pension matches are subject to US tax, I minimized my pension match since I assumed that I wouldn't have access to the funds until I was retiring.  What I didn't realize was that outside of the minimum contribution, you get the full pension benefit in cash when you switch employers.  If I realized this I would have maximized my employer match.4) If you are a US citizen/resident, you will need a tax accountant for the first year.  The taxes are low, but you will have to fill out a ton of forms.  Once you know how to fill out the taxes, then you can just copy them over to future years.5) If you have a choice you want to get paid as a HK employee and not a US employee, the tax rules are different and in particularly as an HK employee you do not have to pay US social security taxes.  The income tax is about the same, but as an HK employee you don't have payroll withholding.
I am a layman. What is Form 16, Income Tax return and the fuss about it?
The filing of Income Tax returns is a mandatory duty along with the payment of Income Tax to the Government of India . As the season closes by (last date of filing return - 5th August for 2014), many new tax-payers are in qualms as to how to go with the procedure as well as do away with the seemingly complicated mechanism behind it .Following are some of the pointers , which I acquired through self-learning (all are written considering the tax procedures for an Individual, and not Companies or other organizations).  Here goes  :1) Firstly , it is important to understand that Income Tax return is a document which is filed by you stating your Total Income in a Financial Year through various sources of income i.e Salary , business, house property, etc . (Financial Year is the year of your income , and Assessment Year is the year next to it in which the tax is due . Eg - Financial Year 2013-14, Assessment Year 2014-15)It also states the Taxable income on that salary and the Total tax payable with surcharges and Education Cess . The Taxable income has an exemption of upto 2 lakh rupees(For an individual, and not a senior citizen) for this assessment year , and 2.5 lakhs for the next (As per the new budget) . You also get tax exemptions on various other investments/allowances such as HRA , Fixed Deposits , Insurance Policies , Provident Funds , Children's Education , etc under various clauses of Section 80.People should know that return is filed to intimate the Government of your tax statements and it should not be confused with the Tax-refund one gets if there is a surplus tax paid by you to the Government . Return is not Refund .2) Government of India collects Income Tax through three modes :a) TDS - Tax Deduction at Source . TDS is the system in which any corporation/business as an Employer is supposed to deduct the Income tax of an Employee from his/her salary at source and submit it to the GOI before the end of Financial Year . The tax is deducted regularly from the employee's salary in certain percentage so as to overcome the liability of Total Tax to be paid by the employer for the Financial Year.The Employer issues a TDS Certificate in the form of Form 16 or Form 16A to the Employee which would be used to claim the TDS by the employee while filing his/her return . Form 16 is the certificate issued for the tax deducted under the head Salaries . Form 16A is issued for tax deducted for income through other sources such as interests on securities,dividends,winnings,etc.If the employee has some extra income through other sources , he/she should intimate the Employer about it before so as to include it for TDS . The total tax paid by you through TDS is also available online on the TRACES portal which is linked to your Bank Account and PAN No. for your convenience . You can also generate and validate your Form 16 / 16A from the website to file your return online .b) Advance Tax and Self Assessment Tax .Advance Tax may also be called 'Pay as you earn' Tax . In India one has to ehis income during the financial year.If your projected tax liability of the current Financial year is more than Rs 10000, you are supposed to pay Advance tax !This has to be paid in three instalments. 30 % by 15th Sept,60% minus first instalment by 15th Dec and 100% minus 2nd instalment by 15th March.For individuals who are earning only through salaries , the Advance Tax is taken care of through TDS by the employers and there is hardly any Advance Tax to be paid . But for individuals who have other sources of income , they have to pay Advance Tax .If one forgets to pay he is liable to pay interest @ 1% p.m.Self-Assessment Tax - While filing your Return of Income, one does a computation of income and taxes to be filled in the Return. On computation, sometimes it is noted that the Taxes paid either as Advance Tax or by way of TDS fall short of the Actual Tax Payable . The shortfall so determined is called the Self Assessment Tax which is payable before filing the Return of Income. c) TCS - Tax Collection at Source .Tax Collected at Source (TCS) is income tax collected by a Seller from a Payer on sale of certain items. The seller has to collect tax at specified rates from the payer who has purchased these items :    Alcoholic liquor for human consumption    Tendu leaves    Timber obtained under a forest lease    Timber obtained by any mode other than under a forest lease    Any other forest produce not being timber or tendu leaves    Scrap    Minerals being coal or lignite or iron ore    Scrap BatteriesSalaried Individuals are not concerned with TCS .3) Online Procedure for Filing your Return , Payment of Tax , and viewing/generating your TDS certificate .  a) Filing Income Tax Return :The procedure is as simple as it gets . You have to go to the E-filing homepage of the GOI , i.e https://incometaxindiaefiling.go... and login to your account . If you don't have an account yet , you can create it through the 'Register Yourself' link above it . All you need is a PAN No. (obviously) . After logging in , you have to go to the E-file tab and select the 'Prepare and Submit online ITR' option . Alternatively , you can select the 'Upload Return' option to upload your return through an XML file downloaded from the 'Downloads' tab and filled offline by you .You have to enter your PAN No, select ITR Form name 'ITR1' (Form ITR1 is for salaried individuals, income from house property and other income) , select Assessment year and submit .Now all you have to do is fill the form with the tabs Personal Information , Income Details , Tax Details , Tax Paid and Verification and 80G to complete your Return and submit it to the Income Tax Department .The 'Income Details' tab asks for your Total Income through various sources , and Tax exemptions claimed by you under various clauses of Section 80 . It also computes the Income tax liability of yours for that Financial Year . The 'Tax details' tab asks for the TAN (Tax Deduction Account Number) and Details of Form 16/16A issued by the employer/generated by you for TDS . It also asks for Advance Tax / Self Assessment Tax, if paid and the Challan no. of the payment receipt .The 'Tax Paid and Verification' Tab asks for your Bank Account Number and IFSC code . If there is a surplus tax paid by you in the form of TDS/Advance Tax , you will get its refund with interest in a 4 months period by the Income Tax Department . After submitting the Return , you get a link on your registered E-mail id . This link provides you the ITR-V document (an acknowledgement slip) which you have to download , print , put your signature , and send it to the Bangalore division of the Income Tax Department for completion of your Return Filing . The address is mentioned in the document . Alternatively , you can evade the ITR-V process and opt to digitally sign in the beginning of E-filing , but the process requires you to spend money and is to be renewed every year .b) Payment of Tax - You can pay the TDS (Not required for an individual, it is to be paid by the employer) , Advance Tax or Self Assessment Tax through the portal of Tax Information Network , i.e e-TAX Payment System After filling the required form (ITNS 280 for Income Tax) , you pay the tax through your Bank Account , and get a Challan receipt which will be used during filing your return .c) View/ Generate TDS Certificate online .You can do it by logging on to the TRACES portal of the Tax Deduction System , i.e , Page on tdscpc.gov.in You will have to register yourself before logging in through your PAN no.You can view the details of your TDS deducted by the Employer via From 26AS on the portal .Also , you can generate your TDS Certificate in the form of Form 16/16A by entering the TAN No. of your Employer .
Do banks treat you differently when you make large deposits?
I’m a professional poker player and won an event once for $286,000. So not an obscene amount of money, but more than your typical customer probably walks in and deposits in cash. Which, btw, if you ever come across a quarter million in cash, It’s probably not the brightest idea to just walk into your local bank branch, unannounced, and start handing them stacks of hundreds wrapped up in $10,000 bundles.This was also directly following the big 3 U.S. poker sites facing indictment and being shut down in the U.S. So claiming online gambling winnings was not a good idea given the climate.I entered the bank and approached an open teller’s window, unzipped my Columbia House duffle bag—which had been given to me as a free gift for being suckered into joining their movie club almost a decade before. As I started stacking the money I stacked 7 packs of $10,000 and opened one up as they were also denominated in stacks of $1000 and separated in the middle by a $5,000 band. I told the teller that I’d like to wire $75,000 to the Bellagio Hotel and Casino —I was headed to Vegas that weekend to play in some high stakes games which were running—and proceeded to pull out the necessary information to wire the money. I put the $5,000 on top and took the other $5000 and stuck it in my sport coat pocket so I’d have some walking around money for when I first arrived in Vegas, before I was able to get to the cage to collect my wire.I had lived in Vegas for a number of years, and it wasn’t unheard of for someone to win an amount like this and have it paid out in cash. Uncommon? A little. But certainly not unheard of. Except I wasn’t in Vegas, I was in a local branch in the suburbs of Kansas City. Where apparently a sub 30 year old doesn’t walk in very often with near $300,000 in cash bundled up in a old, blue, Columbia House duffel bag for a deposit.She instantly asked, “Where did you get all this money?” And then, “That’s a lot to send to a casino to gamble with.”To which I thought, “That’s none of your f**king business.”She must have been able to read the disdain on my face as she instantly excused herself and apologized. A couple minutes later when I had the cash all stacked up on the ledge of the teller window with the 75K off to the side and a slip filled out with the information for wiring the money to the Bellagio main cage, a man approached in a suit and tie and asked if I’d like a private room. I told him I didn’t really need one, that the money was all there, had already been counted, and was ready for deposit. I looked around now to notice several bank employees and customers staring at me but quickly looking away and going back to their business as they saw me looking around the bank.Apparently they don’t just take your word for it when you tell them how much it is, even when packaged up in nice, neat, 10K stacks and 50K bundles. The man in the suit and tie introduced himself as the branch manager and informed me that the money would have to be ran through the machine to be counted and to verify none of the bills were counterfeit. He asked me if I wouldn’t mind coming back to his office and waiting where they could discuss some deposit options with me and then offered me some coffee or something to drink as he motioned with his arms the direction to his office.He too asked me where I had gotten the money, and I was very careful not to mention anything about gambling or playing poker as I knew what an apprehensive issue it was in the financial industry at the time. The Wire Act didn’t prevent playing poker online, exactly, it prevented financial institutions from processing gambling transactions. And the Big Three poker sites in the U.S. hadn’t been shut down with their owners indicted for offering poker online, they had been shut down with the owners indicted for purchasing a bank in Utah where they processed the illegal transactions fraudulently under phony business names. So I told him I’d obtained it selling drugs with a smirk.He didn’t find it as funny as I did so I quickly told him I was kidding, then vaguely told him that I had gotten the money from a friend I had a business interest with, and if he checked my account history he would see that large wires and cash deposits like this weren’t extremely uncommon. He then asked me why I was wiring 75K to Bellagio, and I again smiled and told him it was none of their business and asked if they wanted to continue to do business together or not. He seemed a bit jolted by my standoffish attitude but also seemed to acknowledge that there wasn’t anything illegal about wiring the money to the Bellagio, in fact, Bank of America (a branch of which we currently resided), had a specific account to account transfer option that allowed money to be transferred internally, instantly between any BoA account holder and MGM property.After a brief bit of silence I broke up his dumbfounded look by saying, “look man, are you going to count the money and verify it or not. I’m kinda busy today.” He informed me that the money had been counted and was actually $900 dollars long of $281,000, which I’d put 5K in my pocket of the original $286,000 and to this day scratch my head wondering where/how that extra 900 found its way in there.He seemed to sense I was perplexed by the previous accounting error and said, “looks like you don’t need to go to Vegas, you’re getting lucky already.”I smiled and he informed me they would have to fill out all the necessary tax and legal compliance paperwork including a suspicious activity report (SAR) with FinCen.That was in 2022 and I’ve never heard anything from FinCen. Though I do pay my taxes as required by law and do claim professional gambler as my form of employment. I suspect they have a stack of SAR’s somewhere at FinCen on me that they’ve investigated a few times before as I’ve used some creative ways to repatriate gambling winnings over the years, everything from foreign bank accounts in Malta, to Bitcoins, to even using large bulk purchases of prepaid phone cards (don’t ask). For a period I was “randomly” selected to be searched at the airport EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I flew anywhere for anything. But that has since stopped, which I can only imagine I owe a “Thanks, Obama,” for having the Department of Homeland Security and the DOJ scrub those lists.
How is the experience of obtaining an Indian visa on arrival?
I used the Indian E-Visa four times to visit India with a German Passport. It takes few minutes to fill the application, very easy, then upload pictures and passport. Be careful by filling out the application and controll the data formats / sizes you are downloading for passport, photos. Because a small mistake can cause a rejection. Then the money you’ve paid is gone and you need to start all from begin again. The working time depends, but none of my four E-Visas take more than 12 hours for decision. After you get the ‘’Granted’• mail, print it out and take the next flight. I land one time in Mumbai and three times in Delhi. Its on both sides a separated check point. In Mumbai the officer asks me some easy several questions like ‘• How long you will stay ‘• or ‘• Which hotel ‘• etc. In Delhi not a single question, just a stamp on passport and OUT. Be aware that you can use the E-Visa just two times in 12 month period. You can travel out of the country and apply immediately again for the same Visa type, no time restriction. I would suggest you, if you have the possibility for an E-Visa, always apply for this one and never go to an Indian Embassy anywhere. I speak with experience. I see many countries embassies from inside, even much more underdeveloped countries than India and i’ve never seen such employees. So slowly working, never smiling people, sorry, you’ll feel yourself there like in an old communist state. For example, what is in todays world the ABC for getting easy Visa for many countries is, that you travelled there before without problems, but for India thats a dangerous point. They will ask you millions of questions why you are travelling again, mostly reject or will give you less than expected Visa time. So words like ‘• I love your country ‘• is absolutely not important for them, dont care. Sadly i paid also several times bribery for employeers to getting earlier appointment dates. I write about that issue to many government responsibles and foreign ministries, nobody cares. If you want to be comfortable take the E-Visa and thats it. One great point on the E-Visa is in comparing also with the normal Tourist Visa, even when they reject it for any reason ( mostly because a mistake in any document etc. ) you can easily apply again and get it granted. But of course, for every application you need to pay the fee again. Hope i could help you in the issue.
Will software and computer engineers become "a dime a dozen"?
I have to disagree with the other answers. Now, take this with a grain of salt since I’m just a CS student and I haven’t been in the industry for a decade like some other folks here. I have however spent the last couple years looking at future job trends and reading industry professionals opinions on where we’re headed.Let me give you some cold hard numbers though.Current estimates show that there will be 1 million more computing jobs than applicants who can fill them by 2022. (projected by Code.org: Anybody can Learn, based on estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on job creation and separately, estimates of college graduation rates by the National Science Foundation)Even right now- there are over 500,000 positions open, but less than 43,000 new CS students graduated to fill them last year. Of course you wouldn’t expect new grads to fill them all- but economists suggest 10% would be a healthy number of jobs to be filled by students (still leaving a dearth).The federal government alone needs 10,000 more IT/IS professionals.Between 2022 and 2022 the bureau of labor statistics projects that the software developer job market will expand by 24% (much faster than average). Demand for application developers specifically is projected to grow by as much as 31%.Yes, enrollment is up at universities but let me tell you something- the washout rate has got to be astronomical. I’m at a state supported ABET accredited university in the South. When I was enrolling and discussing IT vs CS vs IS majors my department chair told me that out of all those who start the CS major a very small handful actually stick with it (tons of people switch over to our IS major).On the other hand, I see tons of recruiters and engineers for top companies on Reddit talking about how many applications they get for their roles and how many just get thrown away, how computer scientists will just get pennies soon, how competitive it is as an engineer, the tech sector is imploding, people’s educations suck and they’ll never get hired, etc. I call BS.Sure, employers complained about CS grads coming out without programming knowledge for a long time but you know what’s crazy?! The universities listened! My freshman year my intro to CS class taught Python. My Intro to Algorithms I and II classes taught me extensive Java skills and culminated in several large projects. Every single one of my remaining classes for the next two years are focused on learning a variety of programming skills and having projects to show as a result (and math of course). So I don’t feel that I’m ‘unprepared’, or ‘not job ready’, as a future graduate.Okay, maybe Facebook, Alphabet, Uber, Amazon, etc. are getting so many resumes they can’t read them all but here’s a newsflash - you don’t have to work in the valley at a tech giant. Pick any place in America and I guarantee you I can find an assortment of job postings at small companies for a CS major within 250 miles or remote. Sure, you’re not gonna make $200,000, maybe you make $100k, maybe $75k, maybe even $50k depending on the role- but there are jobs and they are absolutely prolific. Lower the expectations a little bit and employment is not a difficult thing to find in this field.I hope this was informative.
How should I clearly and professionally write both a shortened and full name that are similar on a resume?
You can list your name any way you like on your resume. A resume is not a legally binding document. Look at it this way, the primary purpose of your resume is to tell your professional story. If you go by Mohammad Shojaei, then you can certainly list your name as such on your resume.Even if, for example, you name is Michael Smith - but you have always been known as Mike Smith ~ it is perfectly fine to list your name on your resume as Mike Smith. The only times when you really need to be careful and consistent about how your name is listed is on legal or official documents like a drivers license or identification for instance. If you are filling out loan paperwork or a background check application (anything that also asks for your social security number) then you should be very conscientious about how you list your full name and you should be consistent always. But for a resume - it’s fine to decide for yourself how you want your name to be listed.
Do recruiters usually ask you to fill out employment application after two rounds of interview?
Consider yourself lucky! Many companies won’t even consider looking at your resume until after you have applied.The application process is often times used by recruiters as a filter for people who are actually interested. So many people now-a-days want to mass apply to positions, often times positions they apply for are way outside their qualification range. If you have been interviewed before you applied it means that you obviously meet the requirements of the position and that you have a good chance of getting the role.If a recruiter really likes you and doesn’t want to lose you s/he will conduct interviews before they make you apply. Many Fortune 500 companies hiring for leadership development programs will fly you out to the facility before you even officially apply.Keep up the good work!
Police and Law Enforcement: How should I fill out my Certificate of Employment so I can drive home from work?
I would use the earliest hour you will be going to work and the latest hour you will driving home for work on each day. If for instance you may work 9 a.m. to noon on one Saturday and 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on another, use 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. If on Tuesdays you may work from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. on one and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on another, put down 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.
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